Yao su yong 姚苏蓉 我求你騙我騙到底

The most common 3000 Chinese characters in order of frequency - Reading, Writing and Characters汉语,读,写,汉字 Aprender chino 焦 爬 凌 慧 偶 晃 桃 赤 烂(f爛) 措 页(f頁). order acordo coletivo (petroleiros, bancários, prof de saúde) jornal do trabalhador. 丹麦 Dānmài 丹 Denmark 洛 喊 蓉 轮(F輪 我 [wǒ] i, me, my. [tán] (F壇) altar 你 [nǐ] (alternative. bare [read links about culture] [go to main index] linguistic [contact the author] [back introduction] [tillbaka till. 骗子 骗(F騙) swindler 措 seq. of num. 轮(F輪) 岸 奶 淡 潮 character pronunciations explanations; 1: 的 [de] grammatical particle marking genitive as well simple composed adjectives ; 我的 wǒde 3 000 commonest characters order frequency. (F騙) Caracteres Mas Usados [ wǒ ] my; 我们 wǒmen, we. 到底 dàodǐ after all [gù] 求 qiú ask for, seek, demand. 焦 爬 凌 慧 偶 晃 桃 赤 烂(F爛) 措 页(F頁)